Production Process

Elan Signage is fully equipped to deliver all production stages for signage in-house, without resorting to outsourcing. Our experienced and specifically trained technicians operate the entire production line, from digital printing, to aluminum cutting and bending, to painting, etc. This allows us to keep close control over the quality of our products and ensure that they meet our rigorous quality standards.


  • Design & Specifications : Our Design team is dedicated to delivering accurate designs and specifications to meet client standards and requirements, including for bespoke signs
  • Computer controlled laser cutting : We use a highly accurate laser line to cut aluminum coil into rightsized and right-shaped aluminum sheets ready to be transformed into high quality signs.
  • Robot-assisted Press & Bending : ELAN Signage production process relies on advanced automated and semi-automated machinery, including a giant robotic arm to ensure that all the signs we make match the exact specifications of the client.
  • High fidelity Digital & Silk Screen printing : Digital and Silk Screen printing on highly reflective sheets delivers the very best in print
    quality and sign durability. It also ensures that our signs have accurate and vibrant colors.
  • Assembly and Quality Control : Before any sign is shipped to its final destination, we conduct thorough quality checks to ensure that it will meet the requirements of our clients