ELAN Signage manufactures various types of fences, such as:

Road Fence
Road Fences are intended for pedestrians & vehicle safety are installed along boundaries between roadways, Construction premises, and sidewalks to prevent pedestrians and bicycle riders from crossing roads. Fence height can vary from 1m-1.85m H and up to 2m in length according to the type. Various designs are available to match the surrounding environment, with both sides having the same appearance with minimal protrusions.

Types of Road Fences include:
  • Pedestrian Guard Rails
  • Green & Grey Fences
  • Chain Link Fences
  • Ornamental Fences
  • Hoarding Fences
Crowd/Spectator Control Barriers
Public safety is the first and foremost concern at all Sports events. The Spectators Control barriers are used to form a continuous barrier between Pedestrian and traffic routes and safety risks during events and competitions to safeguard the public. The Control barriers are fabricated using Tubular steel, lightweight material with vertical tubing. With proper footing of 50mm width, the Fence assures stability and avoids any trip hazards. These Fences are Galvanized and painted white. Dimensions are 1m Height x 2m Width per Fence.