Directional Signage
Guide drivers and improve roadway safety through clear directional traffic signs with bold arrows and clear instructions on where to go. The directional signing is fulfilled by a color-coded film system of Advance direction, Direction & Route confirmatory signs. Directional Signage can be categorized as:

Ground Mounted Signs
Ground Mounted Signs are fabricated as per the latest QTCM standards and in multiple dimensions. Aluminum sheets are used for the sign area up to 3.0 sqm, and Planks (Aluminum extruded profile) is used for larger sizes. Galvanized Posts with load-bearing anchorage are fabricated for Installation.

Advanced Directional signs
Advanced Directional Signs are installed on the Overhead structure mounted with required clamps/clips accessories. Overhead systems, often called Gantries & Cantilevers, are fabricated with Monotube pipes or Rectangular Pipes & either Bended shape or Truss pattern. These bridge-like overhead structures are constructed on Highways and important streets where the directional traffic signages, equipment for traffic monitoring systems, and cameras or open road tolling systems are mounted. Overhead signage systems are used to give separate directional information for individual lanes on busy stretches of motorway. The structure size & signage area varies according to the road lane width. The advanced directional signage system is installed with proper types of machinery and skilled workers with approved TDP & supervision. All the signs are provided with ten years of Warranty.